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1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider AR383353 | Alfa Romeo Register

1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider AR383353

Produktionsjahr: 1964
Chassis Nummer: AR383353

19. März 2017, Bonhams, Los 5
Verkauft für £43,700 (€51,792) inkl. Zuschlag

Sold new in the UK, London, this Giulia Spider has been on museum display since 1985. There is an email in the history file from Alfa Romeo Centro Documentazione confirming that it was manufactured as a right-hand drive Giulia Spider (101.19) on 7th March 1964, and sold to Alfa Romeo UK, London on 30th May 1964. It has been estimated (although unconfirmed) that only 404 right-hand drive examples of the Giulia Spider were produced.

It is possible that the Alfa’s previous owner acquired it new; certainly the V5C records only one former keeper. Prior to 1985 the Giulia had been re-sprayed by the previous owner, while it seems that a certain amount of work was done at that time: sills appear to have been replaced and there is evidence of other repairs. During the car’s time as an exhibit the engine was run at intervals, although it has not been run for the past 10 years. To facilitate movement, and to prevent them seizing, the front brake pads and rear brake shoes have been removed (these accompany the car). When checked on consignment, the engine turned over and the clutch freed off. Weather equipment consists of the hood and a tonneau cover.

The previous owner’s re-spray has lifted in parts and there are areas of thin paint and a very small amount of bubbling evident on the boot lid. The seats have been fitted with Karobes covers, though the original upholstery is still in place beneath them, while the original spare wheel and jack are located to the rear of the seats. The odometer shows an indicated mileage of 37,167. Old MoTs on file show mileage totals of 37,008 in 1982/83 and 37,141 in 1983/84. The following year’s MoT certificate is not present, but there is an MoT checklist showing a mileage of 37,163 on 13th August 1984. The car entered the museum the following year.

Sold strictly as viewed, ‚TCP 66‘ will require re-commissioning and/or some degree of restoration prior to returning to the road. Accompanying documentation consists of a V5C and the aforementioned Alfa Romeo email, old MoT certificates, and MoT checklist. A workshop manual is included in the sale.

Described by Cars Illustrated as ‚probably one of the most delightful small sports cars which will ever be produced,‘ the Giulia Spider is certainly one of the most attractive Alfa Romeos of its day and remains highly regarded now.