1970 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior AR1256334

Produktionsjahr: 1970
Chassis Nummer: AR1256334
Design: Carrozzeria Bertone

June, 2017: http://www.veloceclassic.com

This mathinc numbers car was delivered new in 1970 to Switzerland where it spent most of its life. It was part of a wealthy family collection that took care of the car and kept it in dry storage. In early 2000 the car was sold to a private collector in Greece. It paid its EEC taxes and was officially imported as a normal car and also aquiered a historic vehicle registration. Prior to this the car had a light restoration in Switzerland ?? but as it was a good an original car it was preserved to the highest level.

The car then was sold to its third owner who kept the car for about 10 years. During this ownership the car had a major engine overhaul and a recent service was carried out which includes a full brakes overhaul and other necessary things that needed attention.

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