Carrozzeria Balbo

1914 - 1954

Carrozzeria Balbo was founded by Alfonso Balbo in Turin in 1914 until 1954. The company manufactured Spider, Coupés, limousines and light commercial vehicles to customer specifications, using mainly Fiat chassis as the basis. Balbo died in 1926, and his partner Charles Follis continued to run the body shop. Until the Second World War, the craftsman’s workshop built only a few models.
The four-door sedans developed by Carrozzeria Balbo were very unusual for a period of coupés and convertibles. After the Second World War, the coachbuilder designed several Alfa Romeos based on the 6C 2500, and Lancias based on the Aurelia and Aprilia. Thereafter, the company changed its concept and experimented mainly with the construction of micro vehicles. In 1953, the Carrozzeria Balbo presented the small B400, a two-stroke engine with 15 hp and 398 cc at the Motor Show in Turin. Only one year later, in 1954, the coachbuilder’s workshop closed its doors for good.

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