Carrozzeria De Mola

The Trieste brothers Bruno and Umberto De Mola emigrated to Brussels in 1933. In the Belgian capital, they founded the Carrozzeria De Mola Brussels, with which they quickly established themselves. During the Second World War, in mid-1940, they were commissioned to build the world’s most beautiful car from a 1931 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 compressor. There were neither precise drawings nor more precise specifications. After approximately one year of conversion, a spectacular vehicle with unusual details such as rear and front wheel fairing, sleeping eyes and the like was built. The brothers used green leather in the interior and painted the car dark blue on the outside, with red accents. The Alfa Romeo remained in Belgium during the war, and Prince Bernhard acquired it after the end of the war. It was no longer possible to find out which other vehicles came from the De Mola brothers and when they closed their craft business.

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