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The history of today’s Tüscher AG car body began in 1917 when the Tüscher brothers opened their car body shop in Zurich. The craftsman’s business always distinguished itself by high quality work. The beautiful superstructures of the brothers were based on chassis of well-known manufacturers such as Delahaye, Plymouth and SS Jaguar. The Tüschers designed two models for Alf Romeo in the pre-war years. They have been preserved and today they have a high collector’s value.
The first order from the young coachbuilders in 1921 was not a car body, but the design of bodies for Swiss Post buses. In 1930 bodywork for the Zurich public transport company followed. It was not until 1932, when the Swiss Federal Council decreed a 40 percent reduction in import duties for passenger cars built in Switzerland, that the Tüscher car body created its own car bodies. At the same time, cooperation with the Chrysler importer AMAG began.
Between 1933 and 1939 more than 210 vehicles were built in the company’s production hall. Among other things, the car body builders there designed superstructures for the 1938 6C 2500, which Alfa Romeo presented in its final version. In 1939 Alfa Romeo delivered a 6C 2500 chassis to a director Weber. The bodywork for the unembellished, simple and yet elegant convertible came from Tüscher. Hans Dinkel (presumably) had designed the supergera construction. This car is remarkable in that it is probably the oldest surviving Tüscher-Alfa Romeo.
What happened in the company between 1939 and 1982 could not be determined. From 1982 onwards, the Tüscher car body increasingly worked together with the Hess car body. The focus was now on bus bodies made of aluminium. In April 1984 Adi Tüscher sold his company to the Hess car body. Hess converted the long-established company, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Hess car body, into Tüscher AG. Today, the former coachbuilder repairs commercial vehicles and deals with special bodies for school and VIP buses.

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