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Alfa Romeo Alfetta

1972 - 1984

Alfa Romeo Alfetta

Alfa Romeo built the Alfetta, a four-door hatchback limousine of the upper middle class, from 1972 to 1984, in 1974 the Alfetta Coupé was added. The competitor product to the Berlina 1750/2000 was located above the Giulia. The Alfetta already generated a positive response from the trade press and the international public at the market launch due to its agile handling. Alfa Romeo produced a total of 400,000 copies of this popular model.

The engines used by Alfa Romeo for the Alfetta were proven technologies of other models. The first version received the 1.8-litre engine of the 1750 with 122 hp, and from 1977 the Alfetta with the modified 2-litre engine of the Giulia with 121 hp and 130 hp, respectively, was available. In 1979, a version with turbo diesel engine followed, initially with 82 hp, and from 1983 on the 2.5 litre engine with 95 hp. New was the transaxle construction, which Alfa Romeo used on all models. Due to the fact that the differential and transmission are located on the rear axle, the weight ratio of the front and rear axles is 50:50. Transaxle vehicles are characterised not only by balanced driving characteristics, but also by better traction and improved roadholding.
The Alfetta GT and the powerful Alfetta GTV 6 developed into a cult vehicle with a high collector’s value, with the four-cylinder engine of the two models delivering between 108 hp and 131 hp, depending on the version, and the sports coupé was also available in small quantities in a 2-litre turbo version. After the facelift in 1980, the GTV 6 was sold with a 2.5-litre V6 engine and the prefix Alfetta disappeared from the model name.