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Alfa Romeo Giulietta

1954 - 1965

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

With the first generation of the Giulietta, designed by Bertone, Alfa Romeo came onto the market with a vehicle whose success dates back to the 21st century. As early as 1954, the Giulietta presented itself young and dynamic, yet with discreet elegance and outstanding performance. 9 different variants with different engine types were available from the original Giulietta, and the performance of the 1.3-litre engine varied depending on the model.

The Berlina offered a choice of 50 hp to 74 hp, the Sprint 64 hp to 90 hp, the Spider 80 hp to 90 hp, the SZ and the SS had an impressive 100 hp. The high-engine versions could be recognized by the addition, at the Berlina it was the ti for Turismo Internazionale, at the Spider or at the Sprint Veloce for fast. Spider and Sprint achieved top speeds of 165 km/h, thereby promoting Alfa Romeo’s image as a sporty and elegant brand. The fact that a vehicle was an Alfa was heard by connoisseurs of the striking exhaust noise. The sales figures spoke in favour of the concept, Alfa Romeo produced a total of 27,142 Sprint and Sprint Veloce cars by 1962 and a remarkable 17,096 from the Spider and Spider Veloce until 1962, while Berlina and Berlina ti brought it together to 131,775 cars by 1964. The production figures of the expensive Zagato with 1366 vehicles, as well as the special models Promiscua and Sprint Special, a total of 291 vehicles, also pointed to a successful model. Until the middle of the 1960s, Alfa Romeo occupies a market niche with the sporty mid-range model. Only then did BMW become the first competitor to recognise the recipe for success and launch a similarly sporty mid-range car.

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