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Alfa Romeo Nuova

1974 - 1978

Alfa Romeo Nuova

After an extensive facelift, the Alfa Romeo Nuova Super replaced the Giulia in the summer of 1974 and the production of the series ended in 1978. The appearance of the bumper and the radiator grille changed, which was made of plastic according to the taste of the times and was fitted with equally sized headlamps.

The rear of the car had to give way to a slippery trunk bonnet with the distinctive beading. The Giulia lost its characteristic appearance as a result of the conversion, so that it was entitled to be called “Nuova”, a new name.
Alfa Romeo upgraded the safety equipment of the Nuova. The seats were now fitted with headrests as standard, the new H1 headlamps illuminated the road better and disc brakes on all four wheels helped to improve braking performance. A modern five-speed transmission supplemented the technical equipment and, like its predecessor models, supported the engine’s ability to rotate. Artificial leather upholstery and a wooden steering wheel together with the extensive instrumentation in the interior lend the Nuova a completely new ambience.
As was customary at that time, the petrol engines of the Nuova had two overhead chain-driven camshafts, the tappets were operated via valves. The difference in the performance of the machines was mainly due to the carburettor configuration, which ranged from the use of double carburettors to higher compression ratios. The wheels in the front hung individually on double triangular bars and were equipped with a worm-roller steering system. On the rear rigid axle there were two longitudinal beams and a triangular beam. Coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers were used for damping. Only in Italy and without great success did Perkins Engines Co. offer the Nuova with a 50 hp diesel engine from spring 1976 onwards.