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R.L./R.M. | Alfa Romeo Register

Alfa Romeo R.L./R.M.

1922 - 1927

Alfa Romeo R.L./R.M.

Developed by Merosi in 1921, the RL was Alfa Romeo’s first sports car after the First World War. He quickly became a sales hit and orders were received from all over the world. The Italian automobile manufacturer produced a total of 2,640 vehicles in the four different versions Standard, Turismo and Sport for road traffic and RLTF Targa Florio for racing. The basic model pulled out of a six-cylinder engine with 2.9 liters 56 hp, the Turismo 61 hp. The Super and the Super Sport had 71 hp each.

This was followed by the Super Sport Castagna with 84 hp and from 1925 the Super Sport Zagato with a 3-litre engine as well as 89 hp and a top speed of 150 km/h. There were three versions of the RLTF, the first version with a 3.15-litre engine with 95 hp, the second version with a 3-litre engine and 90 hp. The last RLTF was created in 1924, it had a 3.6-litre engine with 125 hp. The special features of the racing version were the seven instead of four main bearings and the double carburettor, besides, the car weighed half of the road version, the final speed was 180 km/h.
In 1923, Alfa Romeo won a one-two with the RLTF at the Targa Florio and established the brand in racing.
The economy version of the RL, the four-cylinder RM, also enjoyed great popularity. It was built in 1923, had a 1.9-litre engine with 40 hp and apart from the engine power, it only differed in price from the RL. Alfa Romeo built a total of 500 RM’s and also used it for endurance races. At the 3rd Alpine Cup, the young athlete took fourth place.

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