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Alfa Romeo Spider

1966 - 1993

Alfa Romeo Spider

Between 1966 and 1993 Alfa Romeo built the Spider. There were a total of 15 versions of the beautiful 105 and 115 series vehicles, and in contrast to the fifth and sixth generations, each of which was a new development in its own right, the Italian version hardly changed the first four generations. Of the coveted classic car and youngtimer, around 123,500 vehicles left the production line. Depending on the model, the Spider was available from 88 hp (Rundheck 1600 Duetto 1966-1967, Rundheck 1300 Junior 1968-1970) to 131 hp (Fastback 2000 Veloce 1971-1982).

The Fastback 2000 Veloce developed into the most successful model of the series, with around 38,400 units sold, while the Fastback 1600 Junior (103 hp, built 1975-1981) produced only about 1,700 units, which makes it a particularly sought-after oldtimer today. The Spider series was developed by the legendary Pininfarina (Battista Pinin Farina), whereby the first model of the series, the Duetto, is considered to be one of the most beautiful roadsters ever built.
In the second generation, called coda tronca, fastback, from 1970 to 1983, a shortened, straight rear end replaced the round tail of the predecessor model. The third generation, better known as the Rubber Lip, was created between 1983 and 1989 and although this Spider Aerodinamica was in line with the style of its time, it met with massive public criticism due to its lush front and rear spoilers. Allegedly, a desperate Alfista peed on the unspeakably perceived rear spoiler during the presentation. In 1989, Alfa Romeo released the last Spider of the historic series with a new look. The “ugly” spoiler had disappeared, the plastic Alfa kidney was now painted in car paint.

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