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Tipo 33 | Alfa Romeo Register

Alfa Romeo Tipo 33

1967 - 1977

Alfa Romeo Tipo 33

The Tipo 33 was first built in the early 1960s, but had considerable quality defects, so Alfa Romeo had to make a number of changes to the vehicle. The following 33/2 from 1967 was available as a road vehicle under the name Stradale and as a racing car. The model is considered to be the most beautiful car ever built by the Italian automobile manufacturer. Technicians get enthusiastic about the model, classical music lovers look enviously at the owners.

In this vehicle, Alfa Romeo combined a graceful design with at that time unusually advanced technology and racing power. The Tipo 33 was designed by Franco Scaglione, the exciting sports car with aluminium skin was built at Carrozzeria Marazzi in Caronne Pertusella. In the racing version, an ultra-short stroke 2-litre V8 engine with two overhead chain-driven camshafts per cylinder bank supplied the 33/2 with 270 hp. The chassis consisted of three asymmetric, h-shaped aluminium tubes containing a rubber tank. Altogether, Alfa Romeo built only 28 of the street version of the sports car, as the car sold extremely poorly due to the high price. In 1969, the stronger 33/3 followed the 33/2 as a racing car, a remarkable 400 hp at 9000 rpm, pulled the power pack from the 3-litre engine with an overhanging six-speed transmission at the rear axle and caused headaches for Porsche and Ferrari. Built in 1971, the 33/3 TT was fitted with a new tubular frame made of a special aluminium alloy and a driver’s cockpit set far forward. The 33/3 TT was followed by the T33/4, the 33 TT12 with 500 hp and the 33SC12 in 1976 as the last vehicle of the 33SC12 series. 33SC12 Alfa Romeo used a 3-litre engine with 520 hp at 12,000 rpm in the 33SC12 and a twin turbo 12-cylinder engine with 640 hp at 11,000 rpm in the SC Turbo.

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